Kynto running on the PlayStation 5!

The power of Sony’s PlayStation 5 humbly brought to its knees at the speed and power needed to run Kynto.

This version is not for the faint of heart as there are many fun hoops to jump thru outlined below. And can take up to 5-10 min just to reach the title screen due to how Sony handles its web browser. By hiding the web browser from the user. Sony hopes to protect its users from malicious content. As well as put a barrier between a average PlayStation user and (free) web browser based games. This is a tech demo to show that Kynto can actually run on the PlayStation 5.

Get started!

Guide reference:
The easiest way to get into the PS5 Web browser is to go to the system settings and load up the User’s Guide. Unlike most other informational menus on the system, this one loads up inside a Web browser that points to the live URL at

If you visit that address from a standard PC or mobile Web browser, the site gives an error message. But if you access it from the PS5 menu, you see a picture explaining “how to navigate this user’s guide” with the DualSense controller, as seen above.

To get that kind of wider access, you have to scroll down to the Users and Accounts menu on the PS5 and head to the “Link with Other Services” option. There, you can choose to link to a Twitter account, which brings up a webpage with a Twitter login prompt.

As designed, this page is meant to log you in to Twitter, link your account to the PS5, and spit you back to the system menu. However, if you click on the small Twitter icon in the top corner, you go instead to Twitter’s standard Web interface, just as it would look on any other browser. Log in from there and you get full access to Twitter through the PS5’s Web browser.

Though you still can’t type into the URL bar in this interface, offers (slightly cumbersome) access to the wider Web through clickable links in tweets and profile descriptions. If the site you’re interested in has a Twitter account (or is simply discussed on social media at all), finding those links is usually as simple as typing your intended target into the Twitter search bar.

You can even plug in a USB keyboard to make the searching simpler and/or hop through links with the arrow and Enter keys. USB mice don’t seem to work with the PS5 browser, though—you still need to use the DualSense joysticks to scroll or move the on-screen pointer.

From there you can access Kynto thru the official Kynto Twitter account.


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