How to Live Stream Kynto on Twitch

It is very easy to stream to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Live,, Twitter, or your very own Custom Stream. Using this guide, we will take you step by step on how to set up and start streaming Kynto! Keep the party pumping!

Download OBS

First you will need to download the OBS application from their official website. OBS is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. OBS is available in Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Click here to visit the OFFICIAL OBS official website.

It is important to note to check to make sure you are downloading OBS from their official site as there have been reports of fake websites using Google Ad’s to trick people to install infected software.


Install OBS to your computer.


To begin the instillation process, click the “Next” button.


Next, read thru the terms of service.
If you agree to the terms of service click the Next button.


Click the Install button to run the instillation process.


Click the Finnish Button to end the Instillation Process.


OBS is now Installed on your Windows Operating System



To install OBS to OSX download the package from the OBS website. Select which option best reflects your Mac computers internal specs.

Once you have OBS downloaded, open up the application on your Mac by double clicking on the DMG file. A pop up should appear as pictured below. With your mouse, drag and drop the OBS icon from the left onto the “Applications” folder. This will install OBS to your Mac.

Installing OBS on OSX

How to Select Your Camera Feed


Now that you have OBS installed to your computer. It is time to select the camera feed that you would like to record or broadcast to your audience. You can select your web browser’s tab or your to share your desktop under the “Sources” tab by using the “+” button.

Next, a pop up will appear asking which video feed you would like to use to display Kynto.

How to Start Streaming Process

This is what it will look like when you first open the Settings menu.

Navigate to the Stream option in settings. You will be able to select what service you would like to connect to using the Service drop down menu.

How to Pair Twitch to OBS

From Settings/Steam/Service section. Click the Connect Account (recommended) button to start the Twitch-OBS pairing.

Once Clicked, a pop up will appear on your screen allowing you to log into your Twitch account. Enter your username and password to log into your account.

Once you select the Log In button. Twitch will want to verify that you are the owner of this account. Twitch will send you a verification email to your email on record. Enter the verification code into the box below and click Submit.

If you are using a gmail account, Google will want to ensure you are the user of this account. You will see a pop up appear asking you to log into your Google account from a list of accounts you own.

Once you have selected which account you would like to pair your twitch connection with. A new pop up will appear to ask you to Authorize Twich to pair with your Google account.

Once you have Authorized the Twitch Google Pairing, you see the successful pairing notification as seen below.

You will know if you have completed all of the steps correctly if you see a page that looks like this below.

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