December 2021 Update!

Kynto Christmas Logo

Kynto has a present for all its users. A bunch of new updates are coming your way. You can now record GIFs with filters using the in-app camera. Now supports teleports, text to speech room chat, full catalog, Facebook instant (will let users play right in messenger), and live polling which will be also used for some scheduled trivia which is held in real time with other users.

Black and White Kynto Gif of Will

Earn points for your team by racking up correct answers, or lose points by messing up. Might get you voted out though. With over 750 new questions added.  Make your own games, or just watch the weird things that others are building that are being built in this seemingly primitive but fully user generated world.


Isometric Christmas raindear Wearing a Hat

For this holiday season we are giving our users a exclusive non-tradable Christmas tree icon next to your name. As well as 3 months of free VIP access. Just for logging in!

Meet Santa! 

Christmas Room Presents Flying around the Room Gif

Santa has stopped by the lands of Kynto to meet all you wonderful girls and boys. Tell Santa what you would like for Christmas this year and you might get more then a sack full of coal. You to can have a meet and greet with this new friend to the Kynto world. Find him in the Meet Santa Room!

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